Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Frog Princess - painting process

I just wanted to say a few quick words about my newest artwork, The Frog Princess.  This artwork evolved without much planning. I wanted to do another environmental piece, with the dress a part of the land itself. This is something I love doing and expressing the connection I have with nature.

I have wanted to paint a blue skinned Goddess type character for some time. The halo or crown is also a new thing, signifying royalty or a deity.

The landscape is basically a wetland and I started thinking how I could connect this to a story of some sort. Initially she was to be holding the frog but then I remembered the golden ball from the Princess and the Frog tale. Could this be symbolic for manifesting wishes through intention? I really like this concept.

The title The Frog Princess is actually another (Slavic I think)  version of the traditional story. I think this combines both and gives an added twist.

I hope you enjoy The Frog Princess! You can buy the original and prints in my store now.

The Frog Princess
xx Sarah

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