Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Oh Winter!

My dear bloggers, I have been neglecting you! I'm sorry.

The Wintry weather here in Adelaide is getting to me.  It does get quite cold here.  I used to find it cosy, now I just get depressed.  My art studio is outside undercover, so I have to tough it out in this weather!

I also started two 50 x 60 cm paintings which went nowhere but the trash can.  I was able to save one because it was just a sketch but the other canvas, after numerous reworkings, had to go bye bye.

I find that it is virtually impossible for me these days with the way I am painting to change composition, if things are just - not quite right.  The initial sketch needs to be perfect from the start.  The reason for this is the marks the paint leaves on the canvas can usually not be undone, except with gross intervention (think hose and scourer).  I really hate doing that although sometimes it is necessary.  It is only when you are working in a loose abstract style that those imperfections don't seem to matter.

I also find myself contemplating oil paint quite a bit.  I played with oils a number of years ago but never really took to them.  They were messy to clean up and took a long time to dry.  If I were to start painting with oil, this would mean I would have to invest money into new art supplies and I haven't got the cash.  Maybe one day...

On a little high today because finally something went right and I am creating a work with a woman who has blue skin - something I have wanted to do for a long time but didn't want it to look too close to the traditional Hindu paintings of blue skinned Gods and Goddesses.  I will create a blog post about her soon as she is near finished.

I recently attended an ETSY market called the Queen of Harts at the Harts Mill District/Flour Shed in Port Adelaide.  This was a great day!  It was great to meet so many locals especially those who had previously bought my art though the shop Add Character, on Semaphore Road.

Now for an update on SALA (South Australian Living Artists Festival) happening in August.  I am very sorry to those who expressed excitement at the thought of me illustrating various tales from Women Who Run With the Wolves.  I am deeply in love with the book and so admire the author and would love to have embarked on this journey.  Unfortunately, time has gotten away from me.  This project will have to go on the back burner for another time, or else morph itself into something else I create in the future.

I have now created with the addition of the blue skinned princess, seven originals.  Two more will make 9 and that looks like a good solid basis for an exhibition to me.  So many hours have gone into creating these works.  I hope you love them.

Details for my SALA exhibition (see the event on my Facebook page):
Jane Carlisle and Sarah Donnell bring you "Woven", an array of artworks exploring fairy tales, folktales, women and magic.

Venue - Sweet Amber Brew Café
67A Semaphore Rd, Semaphore SA 5019

Opening night - 18th August 2017 6pm - 9pm
Exhibition runs - 18th August - 18th September 2017

Mark your calendar!

x Sarah