Friday, March 10, 2017

Women Who Run with the Wolves + Upcoming Group Exhibition for SALA
Soulful Reading...

Well folks, I am really pleased to announce that I have a group exhibition planned for mid 2017 which will fall in time for the SALA Festival (South Australian Living Artist's Festival).  This is in place of the solo exhibition I had planned for March 2017 (cancelled due to lack of money!).  Other members who are participating are dear friends Jane Carlisle and Amber Fox.  After a meeting last night at our chosen venue, Sweet Amber on Semaphore Road, South Australia, we began to talk theme!

We have a broad theme at the moment (no name yet), which involves folk and fairy tales.  I am deeply longing to get stuck into this topic particularly with my obsession with folk stories, particularly with female heroines.  What better book to refer to than, Women Who Run with the Wolves - Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype.  The Wild Woman archetype is all about trusting your female instincts, about embracing your wild nature, about reconstructing your being and healing yourself, about believing in the artist within you and being proud to be female.  

Clarissa Estes, takes us on a journey covering myths and stories of the Wild Woman from across the globe.  Some of these stories are not as "widely known" in that they are far older than traditional Grimm's fairy tales.  They are much more ancient and deeply potent in their meaning and symbolism.

As you may well know, my work is all about women and is very feminine.  I can't wait to depict some of the women in these stories, in my own way and bring them into the light in a new and fresh way in my unique style.

So excited and particularly excited to be working with two very amazing woman on this project!

x Sarah

My trusty copy...old and dog-eared x

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