Thursday, March 16, 2017

Women Who Run With the Wolves - The Tale of Bluebeard

He is the quintessential predator.  The bane of Wolf Woman's (and every women's) existence.  However, knowledge of the predator in a women's life is essential to her survival, safely and ability to thrive.

The grotesque tale of Bluebeard in Women Who Run With The Wolves is disturbing, yet essential to understanding the people and influences in our lives which can crush our souls dismember our dreams.  

To identify a predator in your life and to metaphorically dismember it, is to be in charge of it.  It is about reclaiming your life.

There are so many artworks about Bluebeard, I have just chosen a few to feature here.  Bluebeard is so dark, I don't think I will be delving into the story for inspiration for my upcoming exhibition - however, the story is important nonetheless.  Ideas are coming thick and fast, so stay tuned!

"To render the parts of Bluebeard is like taking the medicinal parts of the deadly nightshade, of the healing elements of the poisonous belladonna plant, and using these materials carefully and for healing and helping."
- Women Who Run with the Wolves p.65

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