Thursday, March 16, 2017

Women Who Run With the Wolves - La Loba (Wolf Woman)

Becoming acquainted with La Loba is like coming home. She is that missing piece of the puzzle. That thoroughly undomesticated part of women.  That sacred permission to just be.  As you get to know her, you will find yourself moved to tears by someone who understands you so well....

In mythos and by whatever name, La Loba knows the personal past and the ancient past for she has survived generation after generation, and is old beyond time.  She is an archivist of feminine intention.  She preserves female tradition.  Her whiskers sense the future; she has the farseeing milky eye of the old crone; she lives backward and forward in time simultaneously, correcting for one side by dancing with the other.
- Women Who Run With the Wolves pg.29

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