Saturday, March 4, 2017

Thoughts on Sad Faces

She is so pretty but so very sad...and that's ok...I think
 Every portrait artist understands this.  How hard it is sometimes to get a smile just get the expression just so, to make sure the energy is sending out the right vibe to the viewer.  How hard that it is.  Futhermore, artworks tend to have a life of their own.  What does that mean you may ask?  What I mean is, creating art is a magical process in which the figure or face itself seems to come to life.  Sometimes you have to just, "go with it" and honor the art...

My family in particular are not keen on sad faces and are always encouraging me to make my art "more smiley".  I can tell you know it is awfully hard to change the expression on a face once creating has commenced. 

2016 abstract faces...all different expressions!
 All I know is, sometimes an artist needs to paint a sad face.  It feels theraputic.  After all, we want to honor the full range of human expression, don't we?  I have a three year old niece and and one year old nephew and they spend a large amount of their time crying about something-a-rather.

So, although I have seen people have adverse reactions to artworks with sad expressions, it is not something which disturbs me.  I allow a sad or pensive face now and then because, hey, we are not happy all the time are we?  And I don't want my art to be all happy happy joy joy - all the time.  That is not what I am all about.  What I am about is embracing wonkiness and imperfection and this includes a sad expression now and then ;)

Love to hear your thoughts too.

Lots of love
x Sarah

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