Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Rainbow Spirit - painting process

The Rainbow Spirit is a Wild Woman, a magical being who loves pink and appreciates the beauty of everything on Earth. You will find her wandering in fields of wildflowers at dusk with her baby unicorn, Sparkles...

Looking more like a zombie girl here but you get the idea...

Where I paint...

What big eyes you have...ultra large ideas for this character!

In progress...

Pretty much done,,,


The Rainbow Spirit - really love this one!
I am quite attached to this painting but I am offering her up for sale because I would like her to go to someone who will love her!

I really love the crystal pendant detail, I feel it transforms her into a little Wild Woman/Shaman/Nature Spirit :)

She is very special.

More on the Wild Woman archetype soon - I have an exhibition coming up and am REALLY excited about the theme.  Stay tuned.

x Sarah

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