Saturday, March 11, 2017

Long Weekend at Encounter Bay + Abstract Works for Mum

It's Adelaide Cup day long weekend here in South Australia. I'm spending the weekend down at Encounter Bay with family which is lovely and relaxing.

Having withdrawals from painting but intend to spend a lot of time planning new artworks and reading.

My Mum also commissioned me recently to create some abstracts for her holiday house down here at Encounter Bay (see pics below).  I enjoyed the freedom of working on these pieces but I have found now (after two years working in abstract) my heart is now firmly back with my figurative work.

The large abstracts you will see below are loosely based on abstract looking jellyfish.  They also look a little like beach depends which way you look at it but that is the nature of Abstract.

Mum also framed a couple of my works from 2015 (Microcosm and Barely a Cloud). See pics below.

To those who loved my abstract work, I am sorry. I don't have any intention of going back to this style again (so she says).  I really loved my adventure into abstract but I feel I can communicate what I want to much more deeply with the figures.

This is where I am right now and it feels good. Also I don't usually take commissions however you can't really say no to your Mum now, can you?

Hugs and Sparkles
x Sarah

Light reading ;) Carl Jung and Clarissa Estes
Encounter Bay

Jellyfish II

Jellyfish I

Jellyfish II

Jellyfish I


Barely a Cloud

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