Sunday, March 12, 2017

Exploring Encounter Bay

In response to my recent post on How to be an Explorer of the World, I thought I would put this into practice in a walk around Encounter Bay and take some field notes in the form of photography. 

Now I am blogging again, I am able to take a series of photos and kinda make a story about them.  It's a much more satisfying feeling. The one lady who first inspired me to do this was Sibella Court, author of Etcetera. 

Encounter Bay is an old Whaling town.  My family have been holidaying here for 20 years.  Evidence of whaling still exists, in the deep crevasses which were carved into the rocks on the shore where the whale carcases were "processed". 

A place with a sad history. However whales are obviously protected now and the area is a marine park.  I love the rocks along the shoreline.  They are the kind where you would find mermaids hanging out. 

x Sarah
The Bluff

Someone's little rock collection... 

Carved whaling rocks. 

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