Sunday, March 19, 2017

Art Materials I Use Regularly

I thought I would just do a brief post on some art materials I use regularly in the hopes of demystifying my art process and maybe help out other artists out there...

Gesso - an absolute must. Beautiful thick and with a divine texture, I can't go past Matisse brand.

I walked into an art shop recently after having come back to painting faces again and completely frustrated that so many skin tone bases are far too pink. The manager of Riot Art and Craft where I shop recommended that I use Unbleached Titanium instead (which is a nice creamy colour) and then add other tints to it. Problem solved.

Other colours I use regularly as basics include Raw Umber and Carbon Black. 

I am completely obsessed with Holbein Acrylic Guache.
I love colours like Opera, Pale Mint, Pale Lilac and Pink. Honestly I can't get enough and would buy the whole set except I have to order them from the USA from Dick Blick and the exchange rate and shipping costs a fortune. Oh well. 

I use these lovely creamy distress markers by Tim Holtz for shading in some skin areas of my painting. They work a treat.

Sky colours. I use a range of brands in order to get pretty sky colours. 

Grass greens. I am obsessed with beautiful lime greens and I love a good field of grass in my paintings. Again, I use a range of brands. 

I recently bought a bunch of these Global brand paints from Riot Art and Craft. Apparently they are lightfast which is fantastic. Great prices too especially when there is a special promotion on. 

So there you have it folks. Some of the basics I work with. I look forward to sharing more new materials as I come across them.  You can buy some of these materials at or

x Sarah

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