Sunday, February 26, 2017

Revival of the Humble Blog

Recently I have been feeling overwhelmed by social media, namely Instagram and, of course, Facebook.

It seems like I am in a big room and people are vying loudly for attention from every angle. I'm getting sick of being bombarded with images and suggestions. I just want quiet...I feel like I am losing myself.

Welcome back the humble blog.

I fell away from blogging a few years back when I deleted "The Art of Sarah Donnell" blog. I needed to be alone and go inside while I dealt with personal issues related to my break up.  Now starting up again recently, I am remembering the magic of blogging.

For a start you're less in people's faces, you can say more and upset people less.  You can write tutorials and post multitudes of photos. Indeed, you can simply use photos to tell a story.

I feel like I have come home and this feels to me to be the best place to be.  I look forward to posting more. In fact, this year I plan to solely focus on the blog and just post important updates to my other social media.

Please keep reading!
Post a comment now and then to let me know you're out there xx

x Sarah

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