Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Kitty-cat - painting process

Hi all, here is my painting process for a recent artwork of a girl holding a black cat. 

Initial sketch on canvas...

Looking back at artists in history who have painted girls with cats.



I was totally frustrated with the background to this piece...

I ended up going with an impasto background in a 60/70s retro palette...
The cat turned out cute and kinda grumpy looking. 
I once owned a grumpy cat and I dearly loved her so I thought this was pretty apt...

This painting was originally going to be called the Queen of Wands with a nod to the said Tarot card.  However, I think I wanted it to be a little bit more generic and accessible to more people. The Queen of Wands is one of my favourite cards in the tarot and features the Queen in a yellow gown with her black cat at her feet.  The black cat represents mysticism and the Occult.  I am hoping to bring the Tarot into more of my artworks in the future...stay tuned.  There are so many beautiful, uplifting and meaningful cards.

I am happy with this artwork and if no one buys her, she will be framed and staying with me!

 x Sarah

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