Thursday, November 24, 2016

Solo Exhibition 2017

Yesterday I stitched up a booking for a solo exhibition in 2017! I'm brimming with ideas! I thought I would share here some photos of past exhibitions, mainly for my own inspiration and for your viewing pleasure! Above are some images of my first solo exhibition back in 2010. The exhibition was called Universe and had a psychdelic theme.  My ethereal, pink haired fairy was my mascot!

Above is an image of my first ever exhibition (bless) way back in 2006. This was actually a group exhibition held during SALA that year.  It is so interesting to look back at older work and see where art has taken me.

Another photo of a more recent group exhibition I was involved in back in 2012.  This was during my doll/big eye  era...this was actually the first girl in my Dress Series paintings (I'll leave that for another post).  I also created some chunky necklaces made from colouful yarn and pom poms for this show.  Still love them and know the dear lady who purchased them and still wears them!

So so much to do and so incredibly excited about putting a new exhibition together!  I guarantee it will be fun fun fun with lots of neon and rainbows!

Love Peace and Rainbow Sparkles
x Sarah

UPDATE - Show cancelled due to financial reasons.  Group exhibition planned instead for Aug 2017.

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